VaporBeast Coupons & Should Singers Quit Smoking?

Almost every single smoker is conscious about the risk that smoking can lead to serious health problems. These problems include contracting heart diseases, lung cancer and as well as emphysema. These have been known since many decades ago with much research done. Singers who are smokers have shrugged off these reasons because many feel it helps their sound, or they are simply lacking in the willpower to quit because it’s definitely not easy.

VaporBeast Coupons Can Help

If you do want to quit, and we will outline many reasons why you should below, something that can help is transitioning to a vaping pen. Yes, these are controversial but we do know that the vapor is definitely less damaging to your throat and lungs than smoke is. What about the cost? Well you’ve probably noticed that smoking is pretty expensive these days, and if you take advantage of some of the VaporBeast coupons your vaping pen and liquid won’t even cost you that much: This might sound cliched, but you honestly can’t put a price on your health, or on being able to sing.

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Health Reasons to Quit Smoking

Truth is smokers do secretly hope that they will be pardoned of the diseases, complications and even death that can result from smoking. Every single smoker tells themselves that they’ll quit in time. However, the reality is that the number shows that millions of people die every single year as a result of smoking. The sooner smokers accept that they cannot escape this fate, the closer they are to quitting.

Here are top reasons why singers should stop smoking.

Lung Cancer

You have probably heard this before, but that’s because it’s true that 87 percent of lung cancer cases are because of smoking. Lung cancer is also one of the leader causes of death for both men and women, and it is a completely preventable form of cancer.

Oral Cancer

Again, 70 to 80 percent of people who contract oral cancer do so because of smoking. Oral cancer can be really ugly to go through and can cause people to lose their voices before death. That’s not fun for anybody to deal with but losing your voice as a singer is one of the worst things that can happen to you.

Heart Disease

The chemicals and toxins from cigarette smoke will cause plaque to form in the arteries. This will eventually lead to the hardening of the arteries which is also known as atherosclerosis. Combined with an unhealthy diet, smoking cigarettes leads to coronary heart disease, a major cause of death.


Because of the hardening of the heart or atherosclerosis, smoking increases the risk of getting a stroke. Research has also found that smokers have a higher risk of two and a half times to get stroke as compared to a nonsmoker.

Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema (COPD)

Cigarette smoking and the use of other forms of tobacco is also the primary factor or chronic bronchitis and emphysema or COPD. Tens of millions of people around the world have gotten COPD because of not putting the cigarette down. This is highly preventable by quitting cigarette smoking, and will definitely ruin your ability to sing.

Speeds Aging of Skin

Cigarettes and tobacco have harmful elements that can affect your health. Nicotine, as the number one bad radical found in cigarettes, creates a huge effect on your skin and health. It largely aids in the speedy process of aging that makes your skin dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Avoiding this harmful chemical helps repair your damaged cells, slows the process of aging, and helps bring back your youthful glow.

If you are a singer, there’s no more perfect time to quit smoking than right now. It is recommended that you do some research on how detrimental smoking can be. Most of the highlighted side-effects of smoking will affect your career as a singer directly. Take for example lung and oral cancer; once you are diagnosed with the disease, your career may be as good as dead. If you are a smoker and you are willing to further your career as a singer, quit smoking. It will harm you and your career.

3 of the Coolest New Gadgets for Audiophiles

Music is part of our daily lives you can hear it everywhere whether you’re just walking down the street and pass an ice cream truck or just by booting up your phone while waiting for a bus. Most of us have different music genres but you can’t deny that all of us listen to music. For some people, music has become part of their lives and can’t live without it so if you, your family or your friends is a music or an audio freak this article will provide you the 3 Coolest Gadgets for Audiophiles.

Now, one important caveat: audiophiles are picky. They love music, and that means they have high expectations about their music sources. They likely have strong opinions on the quality of mp3 files, and the sound quality output of Beats headphones (too much bass!). They will wait and wait for a lightning deal on their favorite pair of headphones. We do our best to take into consideration these high expectations and strive to recommend only the coolest and highest quality new gadgets for our audiophile friends!

1. Sony Noise Cancelling Digital Walkman

Although Walkman is so decades ago, Sony Noise Cancelling Digital Walkman is a total upgrade with an incredible storage space of 128 GB. You can play all of your tunes you want wherever you go. Scared that your Walkman may run out of batteries? No worries, because with this device you can use it for up to 70 hours. The other cool thing about it is its noise canceling ear buds that help to rid you environmental noise so you won’t need to turn up the music just because a guy beside you talks to his phone way too loud. The downside about it is that its cost which is $698 USD but if you really want to invest on a cool and awesome gadget then this one is for you. Here is a closer look.

2. ONE Light Portable Electronic Keyboard

Do you want to be the next Mozart but don’t know how, the ONE Light Portable Electronic Keyboard is for you. Unlike the normal piano, this piano is connected to your device and you can set it up to help you learn certain songs with the help of lighting up keys that you need to play. It only has 61 piano keys but you can tune it with different instruments sound which is pretty cool. For only $299 USD you can play songs in no time.

3. MOVEit Wireless Multi-Room Speaker

Want to play music loudly but is bothered by the cords? Then MOVEit Wireless Multi-Room Speaker is the answer to your prayers. You can use it by using a Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth or by using its USB port. You can also configure it through its application. This device is portable and comes in 10 different colors so you can bring it on the go with ease and it costs $257.63 USD only.

There are a lot of new and great devices for audiophiles out there but you should really take these devices into consideration.

Top 4 Headphones for the Discerning Audiophile

If you are a musical enthusiast or a professional recording producer, a headphone that maintains the fidelity or clarity of sound through reproduction is no doubt a must have tool. Finding such headphones can be time intensive as well as a costly affair. Nevertheless, here under you will find four headphones that not only deliver the high quality sound but also let you enjoy the crisp sifted sound thus revitalizing your music life. I will also include the price range starting with the pricey to the least costly so that you have a complete picture of how much you are likely to spend on a good pair of headphones.

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Sony MDR 27

This brand of headphones suits an audiophiles lifestyle. The headphone is not only comfortable but also delivers an articulate sound thus changing how you listen to your music. This set of headphone has a closed back but still performs like an open back headphone. The downside to owning this pair of headphones is that it costs a whooping $700. However, the price is not high considering the quality of performance.

Beyerdynamic T90

I like to call this brand of headphones the sound monster. T90 hails from the Tesla brand of headphones released in 2010. This item is distinctive from the previous models because it comes with an open back design which is an improvement from the closed back design used in previous models. The Tesla brand of headphones bears the strongest magnets any headphones can boast of which means guarantees the fidelity of sound by preventing distortion. The downside to this pair is that sound will be leaked to the environment. You will also have to pay a whooping $650 to enjoy this music on this pair of headphones. Nevertheless, it performs better than many $1000 headphones.

Sony MDR-1A

this pair leads on the lower-end segment. It takes middle ground because it has superior quality traits but also relatively cheap. This headphone combine a good balance of bass and tremble giving a good sound definition. Its lightweight also makes it fun to wear. Compared to other headphones such as the Sony MDR 27 above, this pair is relatively cheap. The set offers a versatile listening experience, which balance quality and comfort. With just 250 you can own this set of headphones today.

Bose Sound-sport Wireless

This brand comes on the lower end when it comes to price comparison. The headphone is ideal for sports and bears an internal Bluetooth which is purely wireless.With its winged tips, the headphone is well secured on your ears. This set of headphones is ideal for phone calls besides listening to music. With just $150 you can own this pair of headphone and enrich your sports or music life.